TAC-ky Advertising?

TAC Air.jpg
Photo: TAC newsroom


TAC Air is “an aviation services provider focusing on traditional fixed base operation (FBO) services for all segments of aviation, including general aviation, military/government, and commercial air carriers. Our areas of expertise include ground handling, aircraft fueling, hangar development, cargo handling, and aircraft de-icing – all done with superior customer service.”

TAC Air has 14 locations and brings in an annual revenue of over $3 billion a year.


I ran into this advertisement when going to Los Angeles with a Creighton basketball team. Almost everyone looked up and then looked at each other with a questioning look.

I approached a TAC Air employee to get more information on the company. She told me about the 14 locations and the services they provide. I asked who their main clientele in Omaha is and she mentioned wealthier men and women traveling in small jets. Their peak season is during Berkshire Hathaway.

This is when questions really began to hit me…

Do all TAC Air terminals have this same advertisement or is it because of the clientele that walks through these doors that they specifically target this group?

Do you think that TAC Air is simply and innocently implying their service of “tying down” airplanes overnight or are they alluding to something else based on their clientele?

Do private companies with exclusive clients have a “break” or fewer expectations when it comes to advertising or should these private companies be held to the same standards as public companies?


Please share your thoughts …

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