"Creepy" Adver-girls

Advertising professionals have a term for how advertising messages seem to permeate nearly every square inch of our physical space: ad creep. Now, a Japanese PR firm called Absolute Territory has taken ad creep to a creepy level by employing young Japanese girls to wear advertising messages on their thighs. The website BuzzFeed reports that “After choosing a sticker ad, the woman has to wear it for at least eight hours a day, or more, for a set period of time, in order to receive payment. To prove they are actively going out and promoting their thigh ads, they have to post photos of themselves wearing the stickers on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts.” Moreover, these adver-girls must wear the stickers between the edges of their miniskirts and their high socks.

As seen above, Green Day used Absolute Territory to promote the release of their CD “!Uno¡”

Here’s an easy question to answer: What’s wrong with this? Well, many things. Young girls are being taught that the sexual allure of their bodies can be used for profit. Similarly it teaches those who wish to persuade that virtually nothing is off limits, including the bodies of young girls. It certainly seems that this a case of ad creep being taken too far.

Source: BuzzFeed


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